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 WE ARE a team of experienced planners who are passionate about producing soulful and stylish events that our clients will remember for a lifetime

Moana Belle Events is the result of the two top planning firms in Hawaii; Moana Events & Belle Destination Events, coming together with the common goal of producing extraordinary events with exceptional service. 

After over a decade of producing events individually, each firm felt that in order to provide an even greater experience for their clients that they had to expand their services and grow their talent. As long time industry colleagues, Jane, Lena (founders of Belle Destination Events) and Morgan (founder of Moana Events) had already developed an admiration for each other’s work and eventually a strong friendship. This is where a fateful meeting turned into a pursuit to better each of their firms by a merging of talent, passion and experience.

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moana belle events

Jane believes in a life well-lived, and most importantly, well-celebrated! Her life has been blessed with the opportunity to grow up in Hawaii, a quiet place where beauty surrounds us constantly. It is Jane's passion to share that with the world. Her other passions in life are the loves of her life, Tristan and her fur-baby Bianca, traveling, cooking & eating amazing food, drinking great wine, anything to do with being outdoors in nature and keeping her nose in a book at all times. 

Her educational background lies in fine literature, creative writing, and journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Fun fact, she also has a degree in Culinary Arts & Food & Beverage Management and was a sushi chef in a former life! She traded in her knives in 2005 when she happened upon an opportunity to begin a career in event planning. As a hopeless romantic with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jane founded Belle Destination Weddings & Events in 2008, which quickly grew to one of the most prominent event planning and design firms in Hawaii. Sustaining over 10 years at the top of this industry, she and Lena made the exciting decision to merge with Moana Events in early 2019. Jane now oversees all of the operations of Moana Belle Events.

Jane Park-Gonzales
partner & managing director

Lena's passion for planning flawless events has been her life’s adventure! She loves to create moments that resonate in the minds of our couple's for a lifetime. She gets giddy seeing that look on the groom’s face as he first glimpses his partner walk down the aisle, those moments of true and raw emotion. Her mission is to create the perfect, idyllic backdrop to those moments, so they can be fully absorbed and enjoyed by those who are present.  

Life has been an adventure for Lena.  She was born on the island of Hawaii and raised at the lava’s edge in a town called Volcano. At the age of 8, her mother fell in love with a handsome frenchman (an astro-physicist named Jacques) and decided to move their family to France. So romantic, right?!?  Lena spent her youth between Paris & the French Riviera, learning and experiencing what the French call, "Joie de Vivre”.  During her time in France she was exposed to an life's finer things.  She became fluent in French, learned to appreciate and love art and history, and developed a love for French food. The island life came calling back to her, and she returned to the islands for college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Armed with a degree in Communication and an opportunity to get her feet wet in the wedding industry, She moved to Maui in 2004. She and Jane created Belle Destination Events in 2008 and merged with Moana Event in 2019.  Along with their team, they have been creating unforgettable experiences ever since. 

Lena Teboul
Partner & Principal Planner