The experience of planning an event is an ART
of which should be savored

Our signature Planning & Design Services provide the most comprehensive planning  and the most personalized experience for our couples.  Our signature phase-based planning method has been curated over a decade of luxury event experience in Hawaii and afar - perfected and successfully executed each and every time. We begin by getting to know you - your story, your loves, your wishes and your vision for your wedding experience. By becoming well-acquainted with our couples and their vision, we are able to curate a more personalized experience and be your advocate throughout the planning process. We guide you gracefully through each and every step of the planning, beginning by building strong foundational elements - finding your ideal venue, creating a detailed estimate & timeline and hand-selecting vendors that will best match your vision.  We then graduate to the aesthetic elements by building a detailed Design Proposal that will help you paint a picture of the visual elements of the wedding day - elements that are stunning, unique and will leave your guests in awe.  You arrive on island with every detail meticulously planned so that you can enjoy this time with those who are most special to you.  We handle each and every aspect of the wedding day so that ultimately you can be fully present to soak in each and every moment.  As part of our signature service, we also connect you with our travel partners to assist you with travel planning, hotel room block and guest activity booking assistance. 

Wedding Planning & Design Services

Love by ::  Jillian & Shane

My husband and I both have demanding careers and couldn't devote the time necessary to plan a wedding -- or frankly even the time necessary to manage a wedding planner. We were so relieved when we found Moana. I can honestly say that we had ZERO stress planning our wedding. I think I'm the only bride on earth to be able to say that and it is 100% due to Moana Belle Events.

Love by ::  Keli & Michael

The Team at Moana Events are by far the best of the best!! After working in the wedding industry I had high standards for a coordinator. From the day we hired Moana Events they went ABOVE AND BEYOND our every wish and need

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